Wendy Jameson

Wendy Jameson

Wendy JamesonCelebrity Trainer
Website: www.elitesportsteamsagency.com


BIOGRAPHY:Wendy Jameson has over fifteen years experience working with women and men on exercise and nutrition programs to help them achieve their fitness goals successfully. She is the founder of JAMESON’S Total Body Fitness and Nutrition, specializing in fitness programs, both indoor and outdoor, including GET FIT OUTDOORS, a co-ed Boot Camp. Specifically, Jameson’s Fitness focuses on maximizing time and energy outputs for clients to achieve desired results quickly. Wendy was a pioneer in creating one of the first gym indoor/outdoor programs, called L.B.I.T., Lower Body Intensity Training, for Gold’s Gym, Dove Canyon, CA in 1999.

In 2001 as co-founder of Strength Systems, she implemented ‘in-house’ fitness and nutritional training programs for World’s Gym (Lake Forest, CA) and Powerhouse Gym ( Mission Viejo, CA). Later in 2004,Strength Systems opened up a Personal Training Studio, where she performed all managerial and marketing activities, in addition to growing a clientele base that mandated servicing by three other fitness trainers.

To date, JAMESON’S Fitness is intimately involved with the latest “small group “and Boot Camp fitness craze. With two sites in South Orange County, we are seeking to further develop this business by consulting and managing the development of programs involving both indoor and outdoor fitness training curriculum specific to a fitness center’s unique working environment.

With an intense focus on form, JAMESON’S Fitness uses a variety of exercises, and types of training, with an emphasis on mind to muscle thinking. Workout programs continue to be developed that sculpt the body and burn fat in minimum time workouts. Plyometrics, sports conditioning, and weight resistance with Freestyle method emphasis are integrated as needed to achieve optimum results.

Also, Wendy currently works with in conjunction with Elite Sports Teams Agency in training high school athletes with a focus on strength, endurance, and core training to improve sport performance. Consistency, hard work, and proper nutrition are crucial components to Wendy’s custom workout programs regardless of her clients’ backgrounds.

As a Fitness Nutritionist, Wendy designs and implements nutritional programs that are customized to an individual’s lifestyle, be it a professional, homemaker, or an athlete. JAMESON’S Fitness also works with corporations providing them with nutritional plans supporting their Health and Wellness Programs. Jameson’s Fitness gives out many valuable pointers relative a client’s lifestyle to make it work.

BACKGROUND: Wendy’s vast experience covers a gamut of industries. She was awarded a full-tuition business scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a degree in Marketing. She was involved in the food industry for 17 years. Positions included: Commodities Broker, National Branded Marketing Manager, Regional Sales Manager, West Coast Sales Manager Trainer, Regional Territory Manager. Often received top sales awards and customer service awards by employers such as Kraft Food Ingredients and Bunge Edible Oil Co.

2005 NPC California State Figure Championships
• 4th place Open B Class
• 4th place Master’s Short Class
2004 NPC San Francisco Figure
• 2nd place in Open B Class
• 3rd place in Master’s Short Class
• 1997 NPC Women’s Master’s Champion (Palm Springs)
• 1997 NPC Open Women’s Champion (Palm Springs)
• 1997 NPC Women’s Unlimited 1st Place (Los Angeles)
• 1999 Women’s CA Regional Bench Press 1st Place (130# class)
• Fitness Competitor, Miss Galaxy
• Video and Photo fitness model

Graduated ‘suma cum laude’ from Texas Wesleyan University, BBA, degree in Marketing/emphasis in Mass Communications.
N.C.C.P. T. certified, FreeStyle Training certified, Flexibility and Stretch certified.
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Wendy’s varied background from heavy corporate business travel, to sitting behind a desk “stressing-out” as a commodities broker, a step-mom of 4, and being self-employed allows a real feel for identifying with different clients’ lifestyles. Wendy’s philosophy is, “If you’re going to spend time, energy, and resources to improve yourself, DO IT RIGHT… and DO IT EFFECTIVELY. Stay focused on the results you desire.”